4 day WhatsApp class on Menopause

Language: ENGLISH, Hindi

Instructors: Madhura

Price:   Rs. 500/-

Why this course?


When was the last time you were taught what happens within the body & its systems when you are having your periods? I believe it was in school biology class :) 

When was the last time did you keep track of the different phases between in the periods? other than Menstruation & Ovulation we don't know about the other 2 phases.

What kind of tools you use to keep track of the quality of your menstrual bleed? Some women use only memory to remember their last period, but some now use  different tools.

In this webinar, I would like to point out the many unknown & taken for granted aspects of Women's Menstrual cycle.

Course Curriculum

* Concept of Pain-free Periods 

* Analyze your Body, Mind & Emotions.

* How to optimize Your Feminine power with Vinyasa Yoga, Naturopathy & food.

How to Use

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  • This course is valid till the end of the month 31st July'21


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