Women are the largest untapped reservoir of talent in the world.” —Hillary Clinton

Say Yes exploring New Dimension of Being a Woman :) 

"Women are the largest untapped reservoir of talent in the world.” —Hillary Clinton

I was just browsing through the internet about what famous women say about "Being a woman" when I stumbled across this quote by Hilary Clinton. 

About women being the untapped reservoir of talent, that world & even women themselves don't know. I realized this quite late, but as they say “Better late than never” 😊 

At present,  I am at the threshold of my life where the greatest gift by mother nature – i.e. my menstrual cycle is coming to an end in a few years. In other words, I am in Pre- menopause stage. When I went to enquire from women in my family who have crossed menopause, to know - what I should expect, what are the signs of menopause, how to prepare myself for it, etc. I was shocked to see their reaction. They all, without fail, gave a BIG sign of relief that they are now free from the monthly inconvenience of menstruation. I too was thinking the same thing, before I started to put some effort into exploring answers to my questions & doubts about Menopause. I realized that in almost all cultures, at the starting of the period the “menarche” is celebrated in a grand way, but nowhere is Menopause celebrated. This is an important body’s process, that has blessed us all with the greatest joy of being a mother. But, when that same process stops, we are not sad or say bye to it in a celebratory way but only give a big sign of relief? As if something unwanted or undesirable is over. I have promised myself & my friends that I will celebrate my menopause in a grand style. It has brought me so much joy, helped me to start on this journey of exploring the menstrual cycle, its benefits for women & share this knowledge with as many women as possible. This has become the purpose of my life. I am starting a series of blogs dedicated to women’s health- primarily related to the menstrual cycle. I hope you all get some benefit from this 😊.

{{Madhura Rajagopalan}}

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