Do I know My Menstrual Blood?

Is Menstrual Blood Just Blood? What does it say about my health?

"“Menstruation is just a way of your body letting go of something that is no longer needed.”
― Adriana Vandelinde, English for Her: Everything You Always Wanted to Know but Were Afraid to Ask

Menstrual blood is not just blood; it’s also made up of tissue from the uterine lining. It also can contain the remnants of the unfertilized egg. 

What does colour of the Menstrual blood mean?

The very very important sign given by the body – tells us if anything is wrong. The different colours of the Menstrual Blood gives an indication of how healthy we are.

1. Pink- It can be seen on the first & the last day. It's mainly due to low estrogen, which makes thin endometrium lining. Later women will have shorter periods. This is more common during peri menopause & menopause. It is can also be due to low iron content in the body, or if one is an athlete or does excessive exercise. If the blood is too pink, then the period may disappear after some years. Women may stop ovulating also. This low estrogen can lead to the risk of osteoporosis, faster aging, & skin dryness, etc. 

 2. Dark Brown- May see it at the beginning or end. Its sign of old discharged blood sitting in the uterus. Body is now getting rid of it. Sometimes seen when changing the birth control pill (as hormones change due to pill). Also, when there is not enough progesterone. Such women find that they cant maintain pregnancy. They suffer from mood swings, anxiety, depression, low concentration, headaches etc. 

 3. Deep purple – with clots & cramps Here, Estrogen is very high compared to progesterone. Abnormally Thicker lining gets formed, therefore- heavier periods, severe PMS, mood swings etc. This can even lead to fibroids, endometriosis, heavier bleeding, thyroid dysfunction after few years.

4. Grey- Reddish mix- This is a sign of STI (sexually transmitted infection) / or miscarriage 

5. Bright red colour- newer blood, didn’t get time to darken before it exits the body. Maybe it's the same during all the days of the period. Or may darken as the days progress. 

6. Orange Colour - The Period blood is mixed with cervical fluids. It can be sign of infection, breast / ovarian cancer, or internal or sexually transmitted bacteria. There could be foul smell also. 

7. Watery looking- indication that you have Natural deficiencies. If too diluted then the person is anemic. 

8. Cranberry red – Normal period, all the organs & hormones are functioning properly. It's the best color of Menstrual Blood. 

Important fact- Researchers have discovered that the STEMCELLS in Menstrual Blood may have potential to be used in treatments of Stroke, liver damage, & other conditions. Just like now placenta is saved. 

 So, does Period blood seem Dirty?? 

Madhura Rajagopalan
A Chennai-based Period Yoga  Expert, with over 11 years of experience in women's health.

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